Workshop Trolleys

Having your valuable tools secured and in order in one place is very important, and workshop trolleys, also popularly known as tools trolleys, is the perfect solution. workshop trolleys/tools trolleys are German-made & made up of high-quality steel & components, which makes them ideal for use within mechanical workshops, production or warehouse work environments.

Our workshop trolleys have a Welded steel construction; Base structure with an innovative frame section; Load surfaces of the wood-based board, surface coated in dark grey; Set in an angle-steel frame. Also, the workshop trolleys come with cylinder locks, allowing you to secure valuable goods when not used. The cabinets and drawers on workshop trolleys are designed to accommodate various sizes of tools, cabinets can carry up to 30kg, and drawers can carry up to 25kg of weight.

Due to the robust build of these workshop tools trolleys, they appeal to various industries, such as Warehousing, Production, Automotive Workshops, etc.

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