Shelf Trolley

If you are looking for a trolley which you can use for multiple purposes, then shelf trolley, is for you. For obvious reasons, a shelf trolley is also popularly known as a 4-sided trolley. The shelf trolley has a 4-sided mesh side structure made of top-quality steel. In addition, the shelf trolley comes with a Load surface and removable wood shelves of the wood-based board. The trolley also comes with 2x easy-to-stop swivel castors and 2x fixed castors. Shelf trolleys are German-made & made up of high-quality steel & components, which makes them durable and ideal to use within indoor & outdoor work environments.
Due to the versatility of shelf trolleys, they appeal to various industries, such as Retail, Construction, Pharmaceutical, Warehousing, Production, Automotive Workshops, etc. have a proven history & experience of supplying industry-leading material handling equipment in Ireland, and our shelf trolley will be a one step further towards achieving higher operation efficiency within your business.

Shelf Trolley

Why To Use Shelf Trolleys?

Rollcage. i.e. selection of VarioFIT shelf trolleys is designed to ensure your goods get moved safely and efficiently.
There are many uses for the shelf trolley, and they can be used in offices, retailers, engineering, datacentres or simply in your shed.
They are designed for heavy loads of up to 500kg with their unique design and wire mesh construction, and they can safely transport your goods while ensuring there is no damage to the items.
The non-marking wheels ensure that your floor surfaces are protected, while the precision ball bearings ensure your load will move smoothly over complex surfaces.

How To Buy Shelf Trolleys?

Firstly, look through our extensive range of shelf trolleys and decide which trolley is the best for you.
Once you have decided which trolley to purchase, use our secure payment gate to purchase using your credit or debit card. Our payment partner, Stripe, uses TLS certificates to store your details safely.
If you still have further questions, please call our staff and they will assit you with any queries you may have.
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