Sheet Material Trolley

The sheet material trolley is designed to accommodate sheet materials & panels such as glass, plywood, Meta Sheets, and other heavy-duty sheet materials.

Our sheet material trolleys are German made & made up of high-quality steel & components, which makes them ideal for lifting & shifting up to 500kg of sheet materials, panels and boards. The sheet material trolley has a solid steel welded construction & comes with 2x swivel brakes & 2x fixed heavy-duty wheel castors.

Sheet material trolleys are an excellent solution to increase operational efficiency, safety, and productivity within warehouses, construction sites, manufacturing lines, etc.

Sheet Material Trolley

Why To Use Sheet Material Trolleys?

Sheet material trolleys can be used in a wide range of applications. These include metal fabrication or furniture manufacturing, DIY or warehousing.

They are compact and easy to manoeuvre and can store various sheet sizes. These side-frame trolleys can also be used in an order-picking environment but mainly to assemble or store large bulky sheets.

The sheet material trolleys are designed for carrying boards in an upright position. Various support heights can be put in place to support different requirements. The modular system allows you to interchange the sides of other trollies.

How To Buy Order Sheet Material Trolleys?

Firstly, look through our extensive range of order-picking trollies and decide which trolley is the best for you. Various trolleys, such as flatbed trolleys, push bar trolleys, or three-sided order picking trolleys, have different uses, so decide which item is best for you.

Once you have decided which trolley to purchase, use our secure payment gate to purchase using your credit or debit card. Our payment partner, Stripe, uses TLS certificates to store your details safely.

If you still have further questions, please call our staff, who will assist you with any queries.

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