Hand Truck With Skids

Hand Truck With Skids by VarioFit is a TUV-certified heavy-duty hand truck, which is the ideal solution for handling and delivering heavy boxes, and sacks from delivery Vans to retail stores.

Part number/SKU: 16 100 17


The hand truck with skids is the tabular steel hand truck with the attached plastic skids.  This steel sack truck is excellent for carrying heavy-duty sacks and boxes and is the ideal solution for store deliveries from trucks and Vans. Rollcage.ie offers EU Made VarioFit hand trucks made of high-quality steel & components with 12 years of manufacturing warranty.

This hand truck is 550 x 615 x 1305mm in dimensions, weighs 18 kg, and comes with a 250 kg loading capacity.

Our hand truck appeals to clients from different industries, such as retail, logistics & distribution, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Automotive Workshops, Etc.

Rollcage.ie has a proven history & experience of supplying industry-leading order-picking trolleys in Ireland. Our hand truck will be a step further towards achieving operation efficiency within your business.




242.51 *price excludes 23% VAT

Product Price 242.51 x 1 242.51
Vat 55.78
Total 298.29


Base Size 550 x 615mm
Overall Height 1305mm
Load Capacity kg 250kg
Unit Weight 15kg
Finish Powder-coated

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