Mobile Pipe Storage Trolleys Pipe racking trolleys, also popularly known as pipe storage trolleys, are specifically designed to accommodate long goods such as Pipes, Gypframe, Long Plywood Posts, etc. pipe storage trolleys, are German-made & made up of high-quality steel & components, which makes them durable and ideal for storing up to 400 kg load on them.
Pipe racking trolleys have a tabular steel construction, and the carrier spars on the trolleys are adjustable and can take up to 20kg load. (Each carrier spar).
This trolley also comes with durable 2x swivel brakes & 2x fixed wheels, making it easy to move around the premises when fully loaded.
Due to the robust build of these workshop tools trolleys, they appeal to various industries, such as Construction, Warehousing, Production, Automotive Workshops, etc.

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