Hand Trucks And Trolleys

Hand Truck And Trolleys are an industry-leading solution for versatility & efficient functionality in commercial material handling.
Rollcage.ie offers a wide range of EU-made hand trucks and heavy-duty trolleys made up of high-quality steel & components, making them ideal for lifting & shifting heavy goods. Furthermore, their user-friendly & industry-leading design makes these hand trucks and trolleys easy to operate and helps increase work efficiency within the fast-paced work environment.
To cater to different types of business needs & challenges, Rollcage.ie offers a vast range, such as platform trolleys, trolley carts, table storage trolleys, & large order-picking trolleys with steps.
Our trolleys appeal to clients from different industries, such as logistics & distribution, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Automotive Workshops, Etc.
Hand Trucks And Trolleys
  • Variofit Side Frame Trolley NEW

    Variofit Side Frame Trolley

    418.81 *price excludes 23% VAT
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  • Variofit Foldable Platform Trolley NEW

    Variofit Foldable Platform Trolley

    276.00 *price excludes 23% VAT
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  • Flatbed Platform Trolley NEW

    Flatbed Platform Trolley

    232.07 *price excludes 23% VAT
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  • Table Storage Trolley NEW

    Table Storage Trolley

    349.18 *price excludes 23% VAT
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  • Steel Box Trolley NEW

    Steel Box Trolley

    603.11 *price excludes 23% VAT
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  • Warehouse Order Picking Trolley NEW

    Warehouse Order Picking Trolley

    1,095.39 *price excludes 23% VAT
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  • Mattress Side Frame Trolley

    Mattress Side Frame Trolley

    389.58 *price excludes 23% VAT
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  • Box Trolley With Mesh Sides NEW

    Box Trolley With Mesh Sides

    549.45 *price excludes 23% VAT
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  • Double End Platform Trolley NEW

    Double End Platform Trolley

    294.08 *price excludes 23% VAT
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  • Heavy Duty Table Trolley NEW

    Heavy Duty Table Trolley

    448.33 *price excludes 23% VAT
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Why To Use Hand Trucks And Trolleys?

Hand Trucks And Trolleys have various uses and are used within warehouse picking, eCommerce fulfilment, courier services, hospitals, schools or just about anywhere there is a need to move goods.

Within warehouses, hand trucks and trolleys facilitate operatives to pick items according to the picking list. Likewise, for hospitals, the order-picking trolley has multiple uses for moving awkward heavy boxes from different points with the ability to lock the trolley safely using the “easy stop brake”.

In addition, the robust German construction of the trolleys allows for a safer, more durable trolley that is reliable for all uses.

How To Buy Order Picking Trolleys?

Firstly, look through our extensive range of Hand Trucks And Trolleys and decide which is best for you. Various trolleys, such as flatbeds, push bars, or three-sided order picking trolleys, can have specific purposes.

All our trolleys are made to the highest quality safety standard TUV Rheinland. Once you have decided from our extensive range of order-picking and flatbed trolleys, you can place the order through our secure payment gate operated by Stripe. Alternatively, you can contact one of our sales representatives who are on hand to assist you with any queries.

All our orders for hand trolleys Dublin are processed the next working day and are dispatched through the Pallet Network. Delivery usually takes 72 hours to anywhere in Ireland.

Free Delivery Nationwide

Free Delivery Nationwide

Free delivery throughout Ireland on all products. For bulk order call us direct. Rollcage.ie does not have any hidden fees or charges. Most goods are in stock and can be delivered within 2 working days.

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