Assembly Trolley

Assembly trolleys, also known as picking trolleys, are wheeled trolleys, which are an effective solution for organising your workshop or production lines.

Our assembly trolleys are German-made & made up of high-quality steel & components, which makes them ideal for use within production or warehouse work environments.

In addition, these trolley carts come with euro container plastic crates made of high-quality plastic and ideal for storing small & medium size tools and parts. Fitted with durable 4x swivel castors with brakes, making moving assembly trolleys around the premises easy.

Due to the versatility of these assembly trolleys, they appeal to various industries, such as Warehousing, Production, Automotive Workshops, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Assembly Trolley

Why To Use Assembly Trolleys?

There are multiple reasons why Assembly Trolleys are ideal for use in a manufacturing setting. They work great for lean systems and specific workflows such as KANBAN, JIT, 5S, and Lean Sigma. In addition, the plastic crates or plastic bins, as they are known, allow smaller parts to be segregated and quickly moved around the assembly floor.

Also, the Assembly Trolleys are perfect for moving the tote bins from storage to production areas, increasing efficiency in your supply chain. All the trolleys are designed to hold Stackable Euro Containers.

All Rollcage. i.e. assembly trolleys come with the Euro containers, giving you the complete solution under one roof.

How To Buy Assembly Trolleys?

Firstly, look through our extensive range of assembly trolleys and decide which is best for you. Various trolleys, such as flatbed trolleys, push bar trolleys, or three-sided order picking trolleys, have different uses, so decide which item is best for you.

Once you have decided which trolley to purchase, use our secure payment gate to purchase using your credit or debit card. Our payment partner, Stripe, uses TLS certificates to store your details safely.

If you still have further questions, please call our staff, who will assist you with any queries.

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