This newly designed unit introduced to the market late last year is gaining tremendous traction

This Hypacage/Stillage is designed to provide maximum load capacity both within the warehouse and for transport operations allowing up to four units to be stacked when filled and six when folded and empty. Each unit has a maximum load capacity of up to 1,200kg

Made from heavy duty mesh on a solid steel base the unit is designed to eliminate product damage typically caused by crushing/overloading or mishandling of pallets. A drop down gate 600mm wide is provided on each side of the cage to facilitate easy loading/unloading. When closed the cage eliminates the need to use shrink wrap and the open design allows for excellent visibility of the cage contents.

Simplicity of design makes the unit easy to assemble/unfold and will take less than a minute. In-built safety latches ensure that the unit is safe to use for all operations. Collapsing/folding the unit is simply the reverse of assembly process.

For maximum flexibility this unit is provided with Fork Lift Guides on both the long and the short dimension.

The base is heavy duty sheet metal.

Folded dimensions are 800 x 1000 x 210 – can be staked up t 6 high when empty.


300.00 *price excludes 23% VAT


Base Size 1000 x 1200mm
Overall Height 1200
Internal Height Relative to height options 1000
Load Capacity kg 1200
Unit Weight 94
Finish Bright Zinc Plate

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