Four Sided Merchandising Picking Trolley

Shop the Four-Sided Picking Trolley at Perfect for efficient order picking and secure transport, this durable trolley is ideal for warehouses and retail environments. Enhance your operations with our reliable picking trolleys!

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This Four sided merchandise picking trolley is explicitly designed to pick and move goods around the warehouse and distribution centres. The narrow and sleek design of this order picking trolley provides the advantage of operating efficiently within narrow aisles of the warehouse.

This Four-sided Merchandise Picking Trolley is 900 x 650mm, and the overall height of the trolley is 1690mm. This order picking trolley comes with wardrobe-style front doors allowing easy opening and closing access. This trolley is fitted with 2 x fixed and 2 x braked swivel castors, and the unit also has two large handles that assist with simple manoeuvrability around aisles in either a warehouse or retail outlet.

This picking trolley ships with a standard pallet on each short dimension.

This order picking trolley can accommodate up to 2 loose shelves, which provides 3 level racking within the trolley. Also, as shown in the pictures, each shelving level can accommodate two 600x400mm Tote Boxes side-by-side. (Shelves and Totes are shown in the image above but are not included as standard with this product, but are available from

This Four-sided picking trolley is highly versatile for use in various environments, including warehousing, retail, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. possesses a successful track record of supplying material handling solutions to leading retail, manufacturing, construction, and logistics businesses within a country.

We hold a significant stock of all our order picking trolleys range, which means no lead time on the products. As a result, we deliver nationwide with a quick delivery lead time of less than four working days.

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Base Size 900 x 650mm
Overall Height 1690mm
Castor Diameter 125mm
Finish Electro Zinc
Shelf Option Yes - Maximum 2
Mesh Size 50x 50mm

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