Four Sided Plastic Base Roll Cage - Rod Infill

This updated version of a popular product replaces the metal base with a plastic base making it ideal for moving/storage of items that could be corrosive.

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A four-sided plastic base roll cage share the same specifications as a four-sided rod roll cage, except it comes with a heavy-duty plastic base and is designed around a nestable A-frame. This roll container is manufactured from high-quality steel and has a bright zinc finish. The three sides, plus the full-height gate, have a rod infill structure and a newly designed front gate with embedded handgrips.

Four Sided Plastic Base Roll Cage has a base size of 735 x 850mm, an overall height of 1690mm, and a loading capacity of 600kg. A four-sided rod infill structure protects the goods, while a door gives easy access to the goods.

This roll container is fitted with 125 mm nylon wheels on two fixed and two swivel castors. There is the option to add braked wheels or change the wheels to rubber or sandwich construction to meet the needs of different client requirements, including prolonged use within chill environments. Up to two shelves, 2 x loose can be added to this roll cage, which gives 3 level racking within a cage. possesses a successful track record of supplying material handling solutions to leading retail, manufacturing, construction, IT, Pharmaceuticals, and logistics businesses in Ireland.

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Base Size 735 x 850mm
Overall Height 1690 mm
Internal Height Relative to height options 1425mm
Load Capacity kg 500kg
Castor Diameter 125mm
Unit Weight 40kg
Finish Bright Zinc Plate
Shelf Option Hinged & Loose
Mesh Size Rod Infill
Load Per Shelf 100kg

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