Medium Heavy Duty Post Pallet Stillage

Quadruple the pallet space in your warehouse to meet temporary/seasonal demand such as BREXIT or Christmas

Part number/SKU: 12 200 01

Medium-heavy duty post pallets are demountable steel pallets with optional removable post bars, which can be attached to each corner of the base of the pallet. The medium post pallets can be stacked four high, forming a temporary racking structure providing quick racking without taking up much precious space within work premises.
This medium heavy duty post pallet base is 1400 x 1030mm in dimension, has 70mm diameter tube stub sockets, 60 mm posts, and offers options in terms of post lengths: 1000mm, 1220mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, which must be ordered separately.

This heavy-duty pallet weighs 32kg (Base only) and can accommodate up to 1000kg load. This stillage is made of high-quality tensile steel and has galvanized finish, making it perfect for outdoor use.
These post pallets appeal to many customers who need a temporary racking storage solution for heavy-duty goods within the warehouse, production facilities, projects, and construction sites. possess a successful track record of supplying material handling solutions to leading retail, manufacturing, construction, IT, Pharmaceuticals, and logistics businesses within a country.
We hold a significant stock of all our stillages and post pallets range, which means no lead time on the products. As a result, we deliver nationwide with a quick delivery lead time of less than four working days.

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Base Size 1400 x 1030mm
Overall Height Stackable 4 high
Load Capacity kg 1000
Unit Weight 32kg (Unit Base Only)
Finish Galavanised

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