Collapsible Plastic Box Pallet

Shop the Collapsible Plastic Box Pallet at Ideal for efficient storage and transport, this durable, space-saving pallet is perfect for warehouses and industrial use. Optimize your logistics with high-quality collapsible plastic box pallets.

Part number/SKU: 05 300 01

The Collapsible Plastic Box Pallet with a 1000 x1200mm base has an overall height of 975mm.  The internal dimensions are 1130x930x815mm.  This newly designed unit offers a range of enhanced features that significantly improve product and material handling.

The collapsible plastic box pallet offers 840 litres of internal bulk storage with easy access via the two-half drop gates. Simple to operate, pull latches open and shut the sides panels. It can be used by one single person with the benefit of non-sequential folding, making it very easy to collapse when folding the sides flat. Space saving, the folded unit height is just 345mm, and the second stacked on top is only 315 mm in size, providing an excellent return ratio of 3:1, saving on return transport costs.

This unit has a reinforced base, ID/Holders on each side and an anti-impact feature to reduce forklift damage to the skids. This unit can be stacked 4 high (in use) and up to 9 high (unloaded) with a total load capacity of 3,300 kg (4:1)  or a single capacity of 1,300 kilograms (1:1)

494.50 *price excludes 23% VAT

Product Price 494.50 x 1 494.50
Vat 113.74
Total 608.24


Base Size 1000 x 1200mm
Overall Height 975mm
Internal Height Relative to height options 1130 x 930 x 815mm
Load Capacity kg 600kg
Castor Diameter Dynamic Load: 1300kg 1 on 1
Unit Weight 58kg
Finish Polypropylene (PP) : Grey Sides, Blue Gates, Black Base
Shelf Option Configuration: Solid With Two Drop Down Gates

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