Multi Tier Picking Trolley

Discover the Multi-Tier Picking Trolley at This durable, multi-level trolley is perfect for efficient order picking and secure transport in warehouses and retail environments. Optimize your operations with our high-quality order picking trolleys.

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The multi-tier picking trolley is a versatile solution specially designed for warehouses and order picking facilities where multiple orders are required from different locations. This order picking trolley is prevalent within retail, manufacturing, and logistics order picking facilities.

This multi-tier picking trolley is made from high tensile steel and is 1010 x 615mm in dimensions, and the overall height of this trolley is 1170mm. In addition, this trolley’s unique and efficient design accommodates 600 x 400mm tote boxes/bale arm containers, allowing users to sort different types of goods on a single trolley.

This multi-tier order picking trolley comes with a bag hanger, scanner, and storage basket, allowing users to carry all essentials while doing order picking duties within the warehouse. In addition, the trolley features four swivel castors complete with sandwich wheels made from polypropylene that comprise a rubber centre, allowing users to quickly and smoothly roll the trolley through the aisles of the warehouse and order picking facilities.

This trolley is highly versatile for use in a variety of environments, including warehousing, retail, possesses a successful track record of supplying material handling solutions to leading retail, manufacturing, construction, IT, Pharmaceuticals and logistics businesses within a country. 

We hold a significant stock of all our order picking trolleys range, which means no lead time on the products. As a result, we deliver nationwide with a quick delivery lead time of less than four working days.

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Base Size 1010 x 615 mm
Overall Height 1170 mm
Internal Height Relative to height options 265 mm shelf distance
Load Capacity kg 500 kg
Finish Electro Zinc Plate
Shelf Option Holds eight 600 x 400 mm tote boxes, 250 mm in height (not included)
Load Per Shelf 60 kg

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