Compact Order Picking Trolley

A Compact Picking Trolley is an ideal solution for order picking in small warehouses & distribution facilities. The Compact design of this wheeled trolley enables users to pick the goods from the narrow isles of the warehouse.

(Note: The displayed price doesn’t include plastic tote boxes shown in the picture below.)

Part number/SKU: 14 100 01

Compact Order Picking Trolley is also famous as a picking trolley. This Compact order Picking Trolley is designed to accommodate 600 x 400 Tote Boxes. This picking trolley allows storing and picking inventory and protects stock against damage.

This order picking trolley is 660 x 1010 x 1000mm in dimensions and comes with the loading capacity of this trolley is 300 kg.

The half gate on one long dimension makes it easy to secure the totes or products in the merchandising trolley while having quick, easy access.

This trolley’s 50 x 50mm mesh sides prevent any loose product from falling.

This picking merchandising trolley has 2x fixed and 2x swivel brake castors with white nylon wheels.

The trolley has bright zinc plating, giving it a durable and premium finish.

The have a significant inventory of Picking Trolleys in stock and ready to be delivered nationwide for free.


242.00 *price excludes 23% VAT

Product Price 242.00 x 1 242.00
Vat 55.66
Total 297.66


Base Size 660 x 1010mm
Overall Height 1000mm
Internal Height Relative to height options 810mm
Load Capacity kg 300Kg
Finish Bright zinc plate finish
Mesh Size 50 x 50mm

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