Cortainer (heavy-duty stacking racks)

The Cortainer is a heavy-duty stacking rack with versatile functionalities. The container has stacking and flat packing functionality, allowing users to save ground space within the warehouse. Moreover, fork guides on the container allow users to lift these storage racks with forklifts.

Part number/SKU: 13 100 07


The ingenious Cortainer is ideal for a flexible storage option for warehousing and agriculture and is also popularly known as a mobile stacking rack.

This stacking rack is suitable for storing bulky and flat-packed items, stackable four times high, and is perfect for an agile supply chain.

Each Cortainer (Mobile Stacking Rack) is rated at 1.600 kg. When not in use, 7 Cortainers can be stacked into each other to save space.

These mobile racks appeal to clients from different industries, such as logistics & distribution, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Etc. In addition, these racks are majorly used for storing heavy-duty and flat-packed bulky goods within distribution centres & warehousing environments or as a distribution cage. have a proven history & experience of supplying industry-leading warehousing solutions in Ireland. Our mobile stacking racks will be a step further towards achieving operation efficiency within your business.

591.26 *price excludes 23% VAT

Product Price 591.26 x 1 591.26
Vat 135.99
Total 727.25


Base Size 1.940 x 1.260 mm
Overall Height 1.825 mm
Load Capacity kg 1.600 kg
Unit Weight 118 kg
Finish Epoxy Blue Powder Coated

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