This compact cage measuring in at the size of a standard pallet is the new wave of “rollcage”. The limits to this cage are endless, not only can you stack 2 high, fold it away when not in use, add a variety of extras like fork skids & brake castors, but you can also put the cage in racking for when it is not in use.

The Quadro Corlette will fit in any style of racking, racking up to 1.1 meters in depth. Just tell us the name of the type of racking you are using and we will manufacture the cage to suit it!

Companies all over Europe are embracing the Quadro Corlette for its slick features and array of extras. Improve your vehicle fill on your return load, protect your goods while in transit and increase efficiency in your supply chain to name a few.

Minimum order of 2 pieces on this product.

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Base Size 1.200 x 1.100
Overall Height 1.250
Internal Height Relative to height options 1.055
Load Capacity kg 500 kg
Castor Diameter 100 mm
Unit Weight 57 kg
Finish Epoxy Paint Blue RAL 5012

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