Cortainer (Mobile Stacking Rack)

The Cortainer is ideal for a flexible storage solution and helps to reduce operational costs within your warehouse by increasing efficiency.

Part number/SKU: 13 100 07


The ingenious Cortainer is ideal for a flexible storage option for warehousing and agriculture and is also popularly known as a mobile stacking rack.

This stacking rack is suitable for storing bulky and flat-packed items, stackable four times high, and is perfect for an agile supply chain.

Each Cortainer (Mobile Stacking Rack) is rated at 1.600 kg. When not in use, 7 Cortainers can be stacked into each other to save space.

These mobile racks appeal to clients from different industries, such as logistics & distribution, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Etc. In addition, these racks are majorly used for storing heavy-duty and flat-packed bulky goods within distribution centres & warehousing environments or as a distribution cage. have a proven history & experience of supplying industry-leading warehousing solutions in Ireland. Our mobile stacking racks will be a step further towards achieving operation efficiency within your business.

591.26 *price excludes 23% VAT

Product Price 591.26 x 1 591.26
Vat 135.99
Total 727.25


Base Size 1.940 x 1.260 mm
Overall Height 1.825 mm
Load Capacity kg 1.600 kg
Unit Weight 118 kg
Finish Epoxy Blue Powder Coated

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