Furniture Cages stock a large range of furniture, upholstery and DIY cages. These cages are produced specifically for large heavy awkward goods. Furniture & Upholstered Furniture are a premium product that many people work & save hard for. Therefore customer goods must be delivered free from damage. Generally, furniture of this type will be closely inspected as it is the prize of their living room or kitchen. Returns on furniture items are costly for retailers, and damage credibility with the customer. That’s why have teamed up with our manufacturers to produce a versatile range of furniture cages or Furni Boxes suitable for flat-packed DIY & Upholstered and non-upholstered furniture. The bulky nature of these goods poses a problem for warehousing and transport. The furniture cage addresses all these challenges and secures the furniture inside the cage preventing damage and allowing suppliers to optimise space. Many variations of these furniture cages exist to suit all models.

Furniture Cages

Benefits of Furniture Cages

Furniture cages can be stacked three high when on the ground, this is known as block stacking. Furniture cages can also be stacked in the racks within a warehouse environment. The furniture cage allows stacking of two, three-piece suits comfortably preventing damage. Another use for these cages is within the DIY sector. Large awkward bulky flat packed items can be stored safely and securely optimizing space in the warehouse while ensuring less handling on goods & preventing dame to goods and personnel-related injury. The furniture cage is versatile and can be used in and out of standard racking. Furniture cages can be nested when not in use to save space within the warehouse environment. You can choose from a range of additional accessories or colors.

How can I buy Furniture Cage?

There are many ways for you to order your Furniture Cage. You can do so online, through this site or you can phone the sales team and they will happily assist you. Perhaps you may want a demonstration, in that case, you can come to our showroom in Naas and one of our sales reps can run through the various items with you. We can demonstrate the many features of the Furniture cages, and show you the various models that we have to offer. Once an order is placed we can ship almost immediately once the goods are In stock.

Free Delivery Nationwide

Free Delivery Nationwide

Free delivery throughout Ireland on all products. For bulk order call us direct. does not have any hidden fees or charges. Most goods are in stock and can be delivered within 2 working days.

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