Parcel Cage Stillage

Four sided demountable heavy duty parcel cage pallet with 50 x 100mm mesh infill to sides and base. 2 piece hinged stable door to one short side. Fully removeable gate to the opposing side. Bright zinc plate finish.

Part number/SKU: 05 400 01


Parcel cage stillage is a heavy-duty stillage cage designed precisely to carry large-size goods and boxes. It is suitable for use within automotive, Manufacturing, Postal, and warehousing business environments.

This parcel cage stillage is a fully demountable metal cage and can be flat-packed when not in use for efficient space utilisation. The side and back walls of this Parcel cage are made up of heavy-duty 50 x 100mm wire mesh to retain smaller products. Split wire mesh doors on the short side of the cage and open at 270 degrees for easy access.

The dimension of this stillage is the same as a standard wooden pallet 1000 x 1200mm, and the overall height is 1705mm. This pallet cage comes with a 1000 kg loading capacity.

The unique design and versatility usage of this wire mesh cage makes it Ireland’s only parcel cage available from Stock.



484.82 *price excludes 23% VAT

Product Price 484.82 x 1 484.82
Vat 111.51
Total 596.33


Base Size 1000x1200mm
Overall Height 1705mm
Load Capacity kg 1000Kg
Finish Bright Zinc
Mesh Size 50 x 100mm

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