A collapsible cage pallet (popularly known as a box pallet stillage) is commonly used for storing heavy-duty automotive and electrical components within warehouses and project sites.

This collapsible cage pallet  is 1150 x 975mm in dimension, the overall height of this stillage is 1005mm, and the internal height is 800mm. This unit is made of high-quality tensile steel with blue epoxy powder paint.

This four-sided collapsible cage has a 75m mesh infill on one side, a removable half-drop gate on one long side, and a fully removable entrance on the opposite side.

This stillage’s foldable functionality allows users to fold this cage and stack it on each other to save valuable space within the warehouse.

Like the other stillages, these collapsible stillages appeal to a wide range of customers who need additional temporary storage for heavy-duty goods or a means to transport goods, sub-assembly, or parts securely and who have standardized their warehouse operations.

Rollcage.ie possess a successful track record of supplying material handling solutions to leading retail, manufacturing, construction, IT, Pharmaceuticals, and logistics businesses within a country. 

We hold a significant stock of all our stillages and hypacages range, which means no lead time on the products. As a result, we deliver nationwide with a quick delivery lead time of less than four working days.

385.23 *price excludes 23% VAT

Product Price 385.23 x 1 385.23
Vat 88.60
Total 473.83


Base Size 1150 x 975mm
Overall Height 1005mm
Internal Height Relative to height options 800mm
Load Capacity kg 500kg
Unit Weight 62.5
Finish Powder Coated
Mesh Size 75 x 75

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