Collapsible Cage Pallet Stillage

Industrial strength unit suitable for manufacturers, recycling companies, automotive, engineering and construction companies.

Part number/SKU: 05 200 01

Four-sided Collapsible Stillage 1150 x 975m base that’s 1005mm high and has an internal height of 800mm. This unit has a removable half drop gate on one long side and a fully removable gate to the opposite side.

This is a stackable unit and used by a variety of clients for heavy materials, building supplies, re-cycling and manufacturing purposes.

The unit used a 75mm mesh infill to the sides and has a sheet steel base.

The finish is in blue epoxy powder paint.

314.26 *price excludes 23% VAT


Base Size 1150 x 975mm
Overall Height 1005mm
Internal Height Relative to height options 800mm
Load Capacity kg 500kg
Unit Weight 62.5
Finish Powder Coated
Mesh Size 75 x 75

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