Quik Release Strap x 20


To secure your load in any Combi, 2-Sided or 3-Sided cage use the RollCage.ie Quik Release Strap. A loop on one end fastens it to the cage so it cant be lost, while the “easy open” buckle is used to secure the load.

Sold in packs of 20 straps.

Deigned to be easy to open even when under tension, these eliminate the need to use cling wrap to secure a load within the cage.

Delivered as standard length of 1200mm using red polypeopoleny webbing and a black clip, we can emboss logo’s/messages onto the straps or provide them in different colours.

40.00 *price excludes 23% VAT

Product Price 40.00 x 1 40.00
Vat 9.20
Total 49.20

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