3 Sided Roll Cage

Rollcage.ie have bee leading supplier of Three Sided Roll Cages and Three Sided Cage Trollies since 2003 and have supplied thousands of units to our clients over the past 15 years. Three Sided Cages are typically used instead of pallets, and allow companies to transport the goods more efficiently substantially reducing the costs associated with “Last Mile Logistics” . All our Three Sided Roll Cages have an integral shelf, unlike our competitors who charge extra for this option. 3 Sided Roll Cages and Cage Trollies are widely used by all forms of retailers and multiples, hospitality and food service organisations, wholesalers, distribution organisations and fruit and veg suppliers. The ease of use of the cages allows them to get in and out of narrow doors, and also to save space when they are not in use all the 3 Sided cage trollies can nest into each other reducing their footprint to 25% of their unnested state, All our 3 sided cage trollies come with a strap to allow your goods inside cage to be secured during transport. Options that are available would include the ability to add brake castors to the 3 sided cage trolley, and choice of wheel types including or nonmarking rubber wheels, or wheels specifically designed to be suitable for chill environments. (-20 Degrees) We also can provide additional shelves, ID plates, Bar Code or RFID Labels, and IOT based devices to track the geographic location and cage parameters such as ambient temperature

3 Sided Roll Cage
  • Super Jumbo Roll Cage

    Super Jumbo Roll Cage

    Size: 2000×800×1820mm
    Weight: 73.5kg
    380.00 *price excludes 23% VAT
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  • Three Sided Merchandising Picking Trolley

    Three Sided Merchandising Picking Trolley

    Size: 900×650mm
    Weight: 25kg
    255.00 *price excludes 23% VAT
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  • Three Sided Mesh Cage Formed Handle Holds

    Three Sided Mesh Cage Formed Handle Holds

    Size: 690×795×1690mm
    Weight: 46kg
    260.00 *price excludes 23% VAT
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  • Three Sided Roll Cage

    Three Sided Roll Cage

    Size: 725×850×1700mm
    Weight: 40kg
    220.00 *price excludes 23% VAT
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  • Three Sided Roll Cage Plastic Base

    Three Sided Roll Cage Plastic Base

    Size: 725×850×1690mm
    Weight: 40kg
    240.00 *price excludes 23% VAT
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  • Three Sided Z Frame Roll Container

    Three Sided Z Frame Roll Container

    Size: 832×475mm
    Weight: 25kg
    252.50 *price excludes 23% VAT
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3 Sided Roll Cages uses

Our 3 sided roll cages have many applications. Primarily the cages are used to transport large bulky products generally in boxes around a warehouse, or from the warehouse to the shop floor. Over the years more companies have taken an interest in the 3 sided cage trollies and adapted them for uses in hotels, catering, storage, printing to name a few. The ease of use makes moving awkward products a lot easier to handle. You can add a loose shelf to the three-sided cage trolley to give you an extra level on which to put more products. The cage trolley comes with an integral foldaway shelf as standard which some companies find useful. The benefit to the supply chain by using different both 3 sided roll cage and security roll cage is enormous. Studies have been done that show a 50% saving on distribution across the board by implementing a cage trolley solution rather than using pallets.

How to order a 3 Sided Roll Cage

RollCage.ie have a warehouse where we hold stocks of all our top selling items in Naas, Co Kildare. Why not take a trip to our warehouse and view the 3 sided roll cage yourself to see if this cage or another roll cage trolley is most suitable for your requirements? If time is not on your side simply order your 3 roll cage trolley online through our secure site RollCage.ie . Alternatively, phone one of our team and they will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and take your order over the phone. Maybe you want to know more about how the 3 sided cages can nest into each other? If this is the case, then we would be glad to hear from you.

Free Delivery Nationwide

Free Delivery Nationwide

Free delivery throughout Ireland on all products. For bulk order call us direct. Rollcage.ie does not have any hidden fees or charges. Most goods are in stock and can be delivered within 2 working days.

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